LANDOLL Vertical Tillers


7800 Series High Speed Landoll (HSL)       HEAVY DUTY




24" Scalloped discs on 10" spacings

17 degree angle


Features and Benefits

Overlapping Gangs- The individual blades are mounted in an overlapping configuration from front to rear. This combination allows the HSL to slice heavy residue, level ruts, destroy weeds and leave an impressively level surface suitable for planting.

Narrow Transport Width- 30ft(9m) and 40ft(12m) machines fold to 3.65m

Heavy Duty Flotation Tyres- 600/55R x 22.5"

Maintenance Free Disc Bearings- Double-tapered (automotive style) roller bearing. Own seals, but are further protected on the spindle side by an internally rotating 5 lip-seal. The seal is press-fitted on both the  spindle bolt side and inside of the hub. The disc blade is sealed against the hub, eliminating any harmful contaminants from entering.

Floating Hitch-  Allows the unit to follow irregular ground contours and  maintain an even cutting depth across the width of the machine from front-to-rear.

Hydraulic Jack- makes hooking and unhooking safer and more convenient.

Wing Shock- Transfers weight from centre section to the wings but still allows wings to flex.

Conditioning Reel- 21” diameter reel featuring 1 1/4” x 1/4” wall tubes that are formed and welded into a chevron pattern for a vibration free performance.

Reel Options

β€’ Spring reels, 22” roller ½” x 2½” spring steel tynes – better in stickier soils. 

β€’ Rubber rollers: 21” rubber wheels on 16” axle and with scrapers grooved tread, excellent for rocky soils.

β€’ Double chevron rollers, only available – 15, 17, 20 & 22ft models. Excellent for level firm finish.




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7400 Series VT PLUS (Vertical Tillage)

Gang angle 10 degrees


Perfectly Sizes and Mixes Residue & Soil


A great deal of research went into the design of the 7400 VT Plus Series.  Determining the perfect gang angle, disc blade, and spacing was addressed head on by the engineering staff.  The results are the ideal vertical tillage unit that has the ability to anchor residue, work at shallow depths, mix and blend the soil, kill weeds and level ruts from previous operations.  The smooth blades stay sharp longer and handle rocks and stones better than ripple or fluted blades.




Durable and Reliable

The Landoll 7400 VT Plus Series is built in true Landoll style…precision, laser cut frame components that embrace the technology of robotic welding to its fullest.  Durability is built in, not added on.  Incorporation of UHMW polymer in the lift axles provides a maintenance-free feature that eliminates daily greasing.  Trunnion mount bearings are used throughout the disc assemblies and are covered by a 3-year warranty.  Gang angles are fixed at 10 degrees on the front and rear. Disc blades are spaced at 7” on all gangs on all sizes.  The blades are 22” low concavity; blade thickness is either 6 ga. or ¼”.  The self-leveling hitch and single point depth control add to the list of items that extend the reliability of the VT Plus beyond the competition. Oversized tires on walking tandem axles carry the load and allow for precision depth control across the entire width of the machine. Pivoting gauge wheels on the front of the wings contribute to controlled depth of the wings even at higher speeds.

Superior in Design - Best in Performance

  • Laser Cut, Robotically Welded Frame
  • 5 1/2” Lift Axles with Maintenance-Free Lift System
  • Walking Tandems on All Sizes (Single Wheel on Wing of 20 Foot)
  • Slip-In Spindles
  • 12.5L x 15 (GY-FI) Load Range F, 380/55R x 16.5, 32/1550 x 16.5 SL, 235/75R 17.5 Tires (Model Dependent)
  • Self-Leveling Hitch (Hydraulic Control Optional on 3 Section, Standard on 5 Section)
  • Cast Single Lip Hitch Cat. III or Cat. IV  (Model Dependent)
  • Single Point Depth Control
  • Pivoting Wing Gauge Wheels on All Models
  • 22” 6 Gauge or 1/4” Disc Blades Spaced at 7” on All Models
  • 10 Degree Gang Angle Front and Rear
  • 1 3/4” Gang Bolt
  • Solid 5 1/2” Cast Iron Spools of Front Gang
  • Steel Spools 5 1/2” Diameter with 1/4” Wall Thickness on Rear Gang
  • Trunnion Mount Bearings
  • C-Cushion Bearing Mounts
  • Overlapping/Staggered Offset Tandem Disc Gangs
  • Heavy-Duty Adjustable Scrapers
  • Adjustment/Maintenance Wrenches
  • Blue Powder Coat Paint
  • Safety Warning Lights










13’ 10”

22” x ¼”

7” Front 7” Rear



19’ 10”

22” x ¼”

7” Front 7” Rear



23’ 6”

22” x ¼”

7” Front 7” Rear



26’ 3”

22” x ¼”

7” Front 7” Rear




22” x ¼”

7” Front 7” Rear



33’ 2”

22” x ¼”

7” Front 7” Rear

Five Section







39’ 9”

22” x ¼”

7” Front 7” Rear



44’ 9”

22” x ¼”

7” Front 7” Rear



49’ 9”

22” x ¼”

7” Front 7” Rear

    All units have Conditioning Reels 14” x 7/8” Rod, Standard.

Sized to Fit

The VT Plus Series is available in sizes from 13’ 10” to 49’ 9”.  The units up to 33 feet are 3 section folding while the units from 39’ 9” to 49’ 9” feet are 5 section folding.  The 3 section units transport under 17’ 11”.  The 5 section machines transport at 17’ 6”.  Transport heights range from 9’ 10” to 13’ 11”.  Horsepower requirements for the VT Plus Series is 10 HP per foot.


 In the photo below, the VT made a pass on the left at 2" deep at 8 MPH; the right is no-tilled into standing canola stubble. 



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