Brand: CHIEF


Geronimo have been the leaders  in Grain Storage options for farmers for nearly 20 years,

with Twister Silos aeration systems and Brandt augers for fast and efficient loading and unloading.

Many farmers have in recent times been convinced they require sealed silos.

We can now help.

Geronimo have been distributing Chief silos in the large bins for a number of years.

They have a patented J-Rib structural roof, not only can it take over 7 tonne load, it can be easily sealed.

This bin will be the heaviest sealed bin on the market. We wont be beaten on price on flat bottom bins and

we specialise in sizes between 1000 and 2000 tonne to service Australian broad acre farmers.

All bins will have Keogh unloaders (Australian made) and panel grate aeration to aid in silo hygiene and cleaning.


Chief Grain Bins (Silos)

Whether your storage needs are for the farm, elevator or even large port facilities, Chief has the expertise, diverse product line and proven experience that will provide you value well beyond the purchase.  Chief Agri Industrial Division manufactures a full line of stiffened and un-stiffened farm bins (silos) as well as a complete line of stiffened 




commercial bins (silos), Commercial Hopper Tanks and Bulk Feed Tanks.

Our line of un-stiffened farm bins offers up to 30% more roof ribs than leading competitors for a stronger roof for you.  The 42.5” sidewall sheeting allows for easy assembly and less hardware to assemble while offering added strength.  Our β€œEasy Walk” Door provides you simple and quick access without obstruction, superior strength anchor system, standard G115 (350 g/m2) Galvanization and our 5 Year Limited Warranty are just some of the solid reasons why you need to check out Chief.

The Chief Commercial Bin is designed to exacting standards of quality in diameters ranging from 15’-6” (4.72m) to 105’-2” (32.1m) and heights up to 115’-7” (35.22m).  This gives Chief Agri/Industrial the flexibility needed to design a complete Chief Grain Management system to meet your requirements.  The combination of our standard G115 (350g/m2) Galvanization, unmatched strength of our exclusive W stiffener and over 50 years of proven service are just a few of the reasons that set our products apart.

The same ease of installation and unparalleled strength found in the Chief commercial grain bins (silos) can be found in our line of Commercial Hopper Tanks. Whether you need storage, wet holding or load out the exclusive W stiffener, standard G115 (350 g/m2) galvanization, 450 hopper cones and superior V rib roof design provide you the unmatched benefits that you have come to expect when choosing Chief




Since 1954, Chief Industries has been satisfying customers with a commitment to quality and unmatched personal service.  Our experienced staff combined with one of the most complete product lines in the industry demonstrate our commitment to our customers and the industry we serve.

Chief Agri Industrial offers a comprehensive selection of aeration systems, conveyors, elevators, and grain storage equipment including domestic & commercial silos.  All of our products are made to exacting standards, using heavy duty durable materials and efficient designs to provide easy installation and dependable service for years to come.  Add to that our ability to capitalize on the diversity of the Chief family of companies by efficiently utilizing additional manufacturing capabilities within other Chief divisions, translates into added value for our customers.

In 2011, Chief Agri-Industrial celebrated our 50th Anniversary.  We pledge to remain committed to the highest standards of excellence, and we thank our many customers around the globe for trusting the grain handling, conditioning, storage and buildings needs to us.

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