• Keenan Mech-Fiber Diet Feeder system

Keenan Mech-Fiber Diet Feeder system


Keenan Mech-Fiber™ Feeders

The Keenan Mech-Fiber™ Feeders come in a range of sizes, the 300, 320, 340, 360 and 400.

Mech-fiber® Keenan’s have data on over 1,000,000 cows from 9,800 farms in 25 different countries represents the world’s largest field database on dairy herd feed efficiency. One year results on farms using Keenan Mech-fiber® technology shows a consistent 10% improvement in feed efficiency - with increased daily yields of 1.79 litres of milk from 0.32 kilos less feed.

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Based on the patent protected Keenan Mech-fiber® mixing-processing design, Mech-fiber®delivers improved digestibility in the rumen, allowing cattle to extract more nutrients from their feeds and produce more milk or beef from every pound or kilo of feed intake.

The Mech-fiber® 300

The Mech-fiber® 300 is specifically designed for farms with buildings offering limited access for a conventional sized mixer. The Mech-fiber® 300 has greater manoeuvrability and employs the revolutionary new three-point chassis system. As an added bonus it can also be fitted with a rear (side-to-side) feed-out system.

  • Smaller mixer, but larger capacity
  • Lower power, torque and fuel requirements
  • New three-point chassis improving stability
  • Two-chain drive system
  • Automatic Oiler*
  • Baleblend Big Bale processing*


The Mech-fiber® 320


The Mech-fiber® 320 six paddle mixer is ideal for the medium sized operator. It can feed over 1400mm (56”) feed barriers and can be easily adapted for rear feed out in narrower feed passages. Designed with the animals’ specific nutritional needs in mind, the Mech-fiber®320’s gentle paddle mixing action produces a consistent ration while maintaining the all important Mech-fiber® structure.

  • Six Angled Paddles
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Variable Feed Control and Feed-out height
  • Simple two-chain drive system
  • Automatic Oiler*
  • Baleblend Big Bale processing*


The Mech-fiber® 340

The Mech-fiber® 340 sets new standards in ration mixing, combining Keenan’s unique Mech-fiber™ technology with high capacity. It will feed approximately 100 cows in a single load and offers a high degree of on-farm manoeuvrability. The Mech-fiber® 340 has a similar ‘footprint’ to the 320 but with it’s deeper body and repositioned cross auger, delivers higher capacity.

  • Superior Mech-fiber® mixing
  • Increased mixing capacity
  • Lower power, torque and fuel requirements
  • Simple two-chain drive system
  • Automatic Oiler
  • Baleblend Big Bale processing*


The Mech-fiber® 360

The Mech-fiber® 360 is specifically designed for the larger milk and beef producer. Its standard payload has the ability to feed large numbers of livestock with a single load and it is capable of working under the toughest of conditions, feeding large volumes day-in-day-out. It is available with or without the new Baleblend bale chopping technology.

  • Heavy duty chassis, steering axles and road-suspension
  • Increased mixing capacity
  • Lower power, torque and fuel requirements
  • Simple two-chain drive system
  • Automatic Oiler
  • Baleblend Big Bale processing*


The Mech-fiber® 400

For the larger operator requiring higher work rates, higher capacity, durability and trouble free operation, the Mech-fiber® 400 sets new standards for the livestock industry. With the heavy duty Keenan 4-Chain drive system combined with unique Mech-fiber® mixing technology and a capacity of 10 tonnes, it is a true world-beater when it comes to feeding large numbers of livestock.

  • Heavy duty chassis, steering axles and road-suspension
  • Central Greasing
  • Lower power, torque and fuel requirements
  • Four-chain drive system
  • Oil Bath
  • Baleblend Big Bale processing*


  • (* optional extras)


The Mech-fiber® Rumen

Conventional forage based rations and TMRs, even those with a high proportion of coarse forage, can actually work against the rumen by producing dense layers or mats of fibre that congest the rumen and slow down the all important cudding, mixing of rumen contents and saliva production.

Throughput of material is slow, cows have problems digesting it and nutrients can pass through the rumen without being fully utilised.

The opposite of this is a rumen with too many small particles and short fibres where enzymes and microflora go into overdrive producing chronic acidosis and health problems. Fibre digestion is poor and smaller, denser particles can be lost without being digested.

Furthermore, these small particles sink to the bottom of the rumen where they release acid, producing chronic inflammation of the rumen wall.

Mech-fiber® is a patent-protected specific ration structure that when in the rumen produces a low density distribution of feed and specific fibre throughout the rumen liquor.

This homogenous mix allows the enzymes and microflora to work to their optimum potential - quickly and thoroughly acting on nutrients to create improved conversion of feed into milk and meat. Furthermore, high energy particles are held safely within the Mech-fiber® where they are digested fully without creating acidic flare that can cause chronic health and fertility problems. And, because feeds are digested more fully, less methane is produced per unit of output.

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